Quebec Government Office in Houston

The Québec Government Office in Houston promotes Québec’s interests in the areas of business, investment, government institutions, education, culture, the advancement of the French language and the Francophonie. The Office carries out its mandate in the South Central United States, which includes four states: Texas, Louisiana, Oklahoma and Arkansas. 

QC Kinetix (The Heights)

QC Kinetix (The Heights) provides non-surgical regenerative medicine treatments for joint pain to residents of Houston, TX and surrounding areas. Our biologic therapies are a perfect solution for anyone seeking alternatives to surgery for pain. If you’re looking for a Houston, TX, knee replacement, knee surgery, hip surgery, hip replacement, or relief from shoulder pain,… Continue reading QC Kinetix (The Heights)

Worcester Bankruptcy Center

Bankruptcy Lawyer

You can receive assistance from our skilled Worchester bankruptcy lawyer throughout the process and work towards a positive outcome. These must be appropriately completed and submitted by the deadlines specified. Errors may result in the loss of assets, the dismissal of the case, or a greater likelihood that creditors will contest the bankruptcy. You can… Continue reading Worcester Bankruptcy Center

CUBIO Innovation Center

The CUBIO Innovation Center, located at the southern end of the Texas Medical Center, is a healthcare accelerator and collaborative platform that supports the development of innovative technologies and securely extends into the market. CUBIO provides ‘lab as a service’ to enable innovators of medtech and biotech companies with access to lab infrastructure.  As a resource… Continue reading CUBIO Innovation Center

Texas Alliance Network Directory

The Texas Medical Device Alliance (TMDA), previously known as the Medical Device Action Group, was founded in February 2009 and is based in Austin, Texas. The organization was established to support medical device entrepreneurs who had a need to network with peers and build synergy with the medical community, other biotech entrepreneurs, academia, and medical… Continue reading Texas Alliance Network Directory

Jawad Ali, MD

I am a surgeon and medtech consultant here in Austin, TX. I graduated as the first class of surgeons under UT Dell Medical school! I’ve been working with start-up companies for over 10 years. Working with motivated teams to get ideas to the next stage, teams assembled, products to market, and fueling the next generation… Continue reading Jawad Ali, MD


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